Monday, 21 March 2011

Jerusalem Joy at Arddleen

The Saturday after Lindors, Annie took a team to Arddleen right on the Welsh border for Jerusalem Joy in a day.  Annie has travelled to this village several times over the years and led a series of musicals in a day.  Her team consisted of Andrew Lockwood (Jesus), Barrie Renwick (Pilate and assorted others), Helen (Herod and assorted others).

There were a lot of people gathered when we arrived ready for what Annie had put in her programme as 'Team Meeting'.  Once it had been explained, they all understood that it meant just the CMM team!  There was a lovely buzz and vibe around the place though, so people had a hot drink and enjoyed chatting.  A large group had come up the road from Welshpool for the day, deliberately for a taster ahead of their Greater than Gold day with Annie in September.

The choir were excellent, as they should be in Wales, and we were also joined by an oboeist and a guitarist, which really added to the performance.  Helen played a little bit of flute and french horn too.

In the week before, EBRG had prayed about this event, and had some interesting words of knowledge and pictures.  Annie was very brave in her talk to the choir, and shared the words with them.  One of them in particular was claimed, and it was a real Spiritual high-point in a wonderful day.

Andrew and Barrie sang really well - and particularly Barrie, who managed to lay to rest a bad experience of singing the part of Herod at Rhos on Sea a few years ago!

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