Friday, 20 July 2018

Heart & Soul

For those of you who have been following Roger's news, you may notice that he has become involved in a local radio station.  The station isn't limited to the Birmingham area though - it is an internet radio so you can listen in anywhere!  Roger, along with CMM favourites Simon Gudger and Debra Mayo host the Heart & Soul show on Wednesdays from 6-8pm.  The first half of the show is usually a pre-recorded interview with all kinds of interesting people such as Jonathan Viera and Bishop Graham Dow.  The second half is live in the studio with the team chatting to a variety of local guests.  All of the chat is interspersed with a variety of Christian music.  Do tune in if you get chance, and follow the programme on Facebook.

Amazingly, many of the shows so far are up on Soundcloud, so if you want to listen again, you can do so here:

23rd May - Roger interviews Steve Spooner, Birmingham City FC Youth Coach, and then Simon and the team talk to Paul Douglas from Jazz Community Church.  

30th May - It's the Roger and Roger show as we have an interview with composer Roger Mayor, and then Simon and Debs talk to Ella Sophia from the Global Care Charity. 

6th June is a double whammy as Roger chats to Steve Bavington and Ian Cole from the World Prayer Centre.  In the second half Simon chats to Rev Neil Roberts about Chelmsley Wood Fish and Chips.

13th June in the first half Roger talks to Mick Perrier, diocesan music advisor, and then Simon chats to Andy Treweeks on a Father's Day special. 

20th June features a special recording Roger made from the Grange CMM Music Week.  Then in the second half the team chat to Kirk McAteer, Birmingham City FC Chaplain.

27th June - Roger speaks to singer-songwriter Clair Rogoff and then the team chat to Craig Swainland from Christian Vision for Men. 

4th July Roger chats to Naomi Heywood, local worship leader and Worcestershire Ladies' Cricketer.  In the second half Debra and Roger talk to Blair Kesseler from St Basil's. 

11th July Roger interviews Dave Bilbrough and then in a special World Cup Semi Final show (as in, it clashed with the match so the show was fully pre-recorded) Simon and Roger host a 'Pick of the Pops' Christian Worship special. 

18th July Roger interviews Carol Lawrence from Harnhill Healing Centre (also with a PHD in Nuclear Physics) and then Simon chats to Sheri Gydney from God's heart for Longbridge. 

25th July Roger interviews Dave Gidney from Children's Worldwide Mission.  Then Roger and Debra chat to professional storyteller Jane Campion-Hoye.

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