Thursday, 3 July 2014

28-29 June 2014 Worship Works in Moira

At the weekend Roger and Annie, along with Sue, Sarah, Chris, Ellen, Ann and Richard travelled to Moira Wesleyan Reform church in Leicestershire for a Worship Works day.  The team had been invited by the minister, Paul, after he was present at the conference we led at Willersley Castle for the Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust.  It was Chris' debut with CMM - we met him at Lee Abbey last year, and he is a fine clarinet, saxophone and guitarist.

There wasn't an enormous group present at the day, but those that did come were the movers and shakers - the ones involved in leading worship or preaching.  Annie led some worship at the start of the day, including the modern hymn 'Come, people of the risen King'.  The opening session was led by Roger, and focused on God as 'The Worship Seeker'.  God is seeking a worship relationship with us, and that relationship is a two-way thing.  The session ends powerfully as we sing the song 'Here I am to worship', and then listen to a soloist sing from God to us 'Here I am to worship... here I am to say that you're my child'.  After a break the day became a little more practical, with the aim of session 2 to talk about music in the local church setting, and how to make it work and fit.

Then after a lovely shared lunch together, the team ran two workshops into one, with a mixture of learning new material, and creative worship / improvisation.  The instrumentalists Chris, Sarah and Ellen had a real workout!

The final session of the day is very moving, and looks at the idea of the Tabernacle, and how it informs our worship as we approach the throne of grace with boldness.  A highlight of the worship within that time was Ann and Sarah singing Roger's version 'When I survey the wondrous cross' just as the group were led to think about Jesus' sacrifice tearing the curtain and making a way for us.  The day ended (as all good CMM days do) with a rousing rendition of 'There is a redeemer'!

The following morning Roger, Annie and the team led worship at the church.  It was great to see the whole congregation, as well as some regular CMM supporters who live locally such as Lomas and Joan.

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