Friday, 14 October 2011

A week in Cornwall

The team out paddling
At the start of September, Roger, Mary, Helen, Amy, Bill and Catherine all travelled down to Treloyhan Manor, one of the five hotels in the Christian Guild chain. This is CMM's fourth visit to Treloyhan, and this year we used the musical 'The Torn Curtain' as a focus, learning the music, but also thinking about the Tabernacle and what it says to us about worship and approaching the throne of grace.

Bob on guitar 
After a bit of a hectic first evening due to traffic issues, things settled down for the week. We had a lovely group of participants in the week, some of whom had travelled an immensely long way to be there. Most of the guests decided to sing in the choir, but we had Bob on guitar, and a group of dancers who had worked incredibly hard in advance of the week.

This is the first update Helen sent during the week:

Just a quick update email from Treloyhan. The week so far is going pretty well. We actually have quite a number of people on the course with us this week, which is encouraging, and there is also a walking group here alongside us. They pretty much get on with their own thing, but hopefully they'll come to see the 'performance' on Friday night.
Barrie enjoying the water 

Before Amy and I arrived late on Saturday there was a bit of an interesting time. Roger, Mary and Catherine got stuck in traffic, and Bill's car broke down, so the first evening's session was a bit fraught. And it was only added to when one of the guests was ill with an epileptic fit. It did bring about a bit of a sense of community though, and people have really taken him into their hearts Sunday morning's service went really well - I preached, and Roger led the rest of the praise, which seemed to go down really well. From conversations round the dinner table there are a lot of traditionalists around this week, but there are still quite a few who are up for the worship songs.

Yesterday we had our first main session, and Roger managed to get people really involved with his talk by using a 'bible drill' type thing. I suspect a few more may bring their bibles this morning!

Anyway, I'm about to lead worship this morning, and Roger is speaking. He has decided at the last minute to change a lot of his talk, so do pray for that. The session starts at 10am. This afternoon we have a music in worship workshop, and this evening we are watching a dvd about the King James Bible.

Then later in the week Helen sent another update:

Alistair opening the show with his solo 

The last couple of days have gone really well - thanks so much for your prayers. Tuesday morning's session went well - God really moved in one lady in particular, and I was able to pray for her.

Yesterday we had good weather for the day off, which was nice, and the choir rehearsal in the evening which can so often be a lot of hard work went really well.

This morning was very special - Amy led worship and then Roger spoke about 'Receiving in the most holy place' - the third of the tabernacle talks. The group were up for receiving at the end, and quite a few of them were showing clear signs of the Spirit moving on them - so praise God for that!

Kath singing her solo in rehearsal 

Tonight we travel to Camborne for a Two Sisters rehearsal with the choir there. Please pray it goes well, and that the hosts here have a good time leading the games evening. I'm delighted with the hosts - they were a last minute inclusion in the week, but they are really lovely, and right on the ball theologically. It is great to see them both having prayer ministry appointments with people in the afternoons. 

One final update came from Helen at the end of the week:

Yesterday we had a day of rehearsing and performing while Cornwall was shrouded in a really thick sea mist. In the morning full rehearsal, the choir were amazing - perhaps they peaked too soon! We also fitted in the dancers and the soloists, and had Bob Munn playing guitar, which was great. I think everyone was delighted with what they had achieved.

The dancers and choir in rehearsal 

The evening performance didn't go quite so well, but no-one minded. Barrie was happy with his solo, and the event was really moving. Our Bill narrated, and host Bill led the communion. The audience was quite small, but they really got into it. We ended with a couple of impromptu worship songs, and there was a wonderful atmosphere - as one of the audience put it, God's Holy Spirit was clearly among us.

Today we say our goodbyes to most of the people from the music week, and travel to Camborne where we have a day of rehearsals, and then a performance of Two Sisters tonight. Tomorrow we take two services in Truro - one at Threemilestone Methodist, and then a circuit service at Truro Methodist.

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