Monday, 17 October 2011

Staying on in Cornwall

Bob in action
Since we were down in Cornwall, we took the opportunity to spend some time with the churches down there over the weekend.  Several months ago we had been invited by the St. Martin singers at the parish church in Camborne to visit them and perform Two Sisters and a Funeral.  The CMM team was supplemented by Bob Deakin, who came to sing the part of Jesus, with Bill as Lazarus, Amy as Martha and Catherine as Mary.  There were also lovely cameos from Barrie and Garry as the baddies!

We met the singers on the Thursday night for a rehearsal, and then spent all of Saturday with them.  They sang really well, and it was also great to be assisted by Adam on the PA, and his son Joe entertaining us by building a large train out of a kind of duplo at the back.

The performance was great - the church was really full, and the audience seemed to really appreciate all that went on.  Huge thanks to Jan for inviting us, and looking after us so well!
The West Briton's review of the event

Following on from our successful visit to Camborne, we spent the Sunday in Methodist circles in Truro, beginning with the morning service at Threemilestone, and then an evening circuit service at Truro Methodist Church.  

It was great to be at Threemilestone again with John and Gill Harris (who had taken part in the choir for the music week and at Camborne).  We led the morning service based on Martha, and then in the evening Roger spoke about Lazarus.  The morning went well - Amy and Bob sang 'If I could do something' as part of it.  We were then treated to our second Cornish Pasty meal of the weekend, and then Catherine, Bob and Bill headed home, leaving Roger, Helen and Amy to carry the flag in the evening.

At the evening service we were joined by a drummer, and there was also a circuit choir who sang Man of Sorrows really beautifully.  As a response song Helen and Amy sang 'Just as I am', and it was great to see so many of the congregation could remember it from the tour of Rock two years ago.  After his talk, Roger offered prayer for anyone who wanted it, and we were delighted to have quite a few take up the offer.

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