Thursday 30 June 2011

Your performances...

We've been hearing good things about your own local performances recently.

Up in the Manchester area, the United Christian Singers have performed Saints Alive for Pentecost. They performed at Atherton and Sale, and both events went exceptionally well. Walter, the choir trainer, described how the choir had come up with a special programme including hymns and readings covering the resurrection appearances before leading into the musical which begins with the ascension of Jesus. After a couple of months off, the choir will be rehearsing again ready to perform Two Sisters and a Funeral.

In Oxfordshire, the Witney Choir have been putting on Snakes and Ladders. Shirley reports:

We had our performances on 18 & 19 June and they went absolutely brilliantly! It was a very complicated production, involving 17 different actors/soloists, and the first time all the different aspects (choir, drama, children, dancer, PA, lighting, 18-piece band, costumes, props) all came together was in the first performance! However, it all worked out amazingly well, and many people - both in the audience and choir - found it very moving, especially the Jacob scene (we had a fantastic dancer representing the angels) and the crucifixion. We had around 120 people watching each evening. Many folk said it was our best ever production - and, as Paul is stepping down as MD this summer, it was a fitting tribute to his leadership. It really is a very powerful musical.

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