Monday, 21 March 2011

A Weekend (not quite) off

When we’re not involved with any CMM events there is no let off!  On Saturday 26th Feb there weren’t any official CMM gigs, but Roger was still busy.  He had a day at his own church, Christ Church, where the worship team gathered together, led by Pat.  Roger had been asked to speak to them about worship and structuring and leading praise.  Since Roger and Mary moved house, Pat has taken over the responsibility of worship pastor at Christ Church, so we pray for her in her new role – she’ll be great!

And then on Sunday Helen was busy preaching in her own circuit, Annie was involved in leading worship at her church, and Roger was preaching at Christ Church.  Roger particularly had a pressurised morning, as a local Imam was due to attend the service and find out what Christianity was all about.

Finally on Sunday evening we held the next in our series of renewal meetings in conjunction with Christ Church.  The speakers were Rosie and Tim Bunn, from a church in Norwich, but also heavily involved with New Wine.  They were there to talk about ‘Treasure Hunting’.  This is an exercise where a team would meet in a town centre, and pray together, before filling in a ‘treasure map’.  This map is really just a series of questions such as:
1. A location
2. A person’s name
3. A defining characteristic such as article of clothing
There were 6 or 7 questions on the sheet, and after waiting on God for 3 minutes, the team each would answer them – and then go out into the town looking for their treasure.    God has done some amazing things through this ministry, and a team of people from the renewal evening were due to be going out the following Saturday.

Before and after Rosie and Tim spoke, CMM led worship – we had a huge group: Roger on keyboard, Tim on drums, Annie on viola, Sarah on violin, Christine on flute, Amy on clarinet, James on guitar, Helen on trumpet and horn, and Martin, Katie and Pat on vocals.  It was great to worship and minister together.

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