Friday, 25 June 2010

Rhos on Sea Week

So we'd just had an incredibly busy weekend with the Rock Roadshow in Bridport (see Rock Blog) and the renewal evening, but there was no let up - we were straight off to Rhos on Sea for a Jairus' Daughter music week. This was our third successive year at St. Winifred's Christian Endeavour hotel, and it was great to be back. This year the team was Roger, Helen, Tim and Lydia Dock, and Helen's sister Deb, who brought her 7 month old baby Bethan. We were also joined by Keith, a local drummer, and part of the church where we hold our performances.

During the week as we learned Jairus, Helen did all the choir training and conducting, so that Roger was left free to play the piano. For those of you that have been to one of our music weeks, you'll be amazed to hear that Roger came to every choir rehearsal... mostly because he'd forgotten how his own musical went...

The teaching throughout the week should really have been around the themes of the first song - Seek, Serve and Follow, but there were some other themes in the musical that Roger felt it right to talk about that didn't quite fall within those three areas. So instead, we used the titles Faith, Hope and Love. Helen spoke the first morning on faith, and then Roger took the other two sessions, using the hope topic to bring in themes of grief and bereavement and the love topic to look at worship.

The evenings were good fun, including 'An evening with Roger Jones', and then after the evening session Tim and Lydia led games with the guests, including a 'Ready Steady Cook' board game and the world famous After Eight game.
The performance went really well - we were at Rhos URC where the minister is Kate Gartside. We had four excellent narrators and four soloists - Mavis, Margaret, Clyde and Barrie. We also had five girls from the sunday school at the church come and sing Jesus, friend of little children. They were absolutely brilliant - they started off shy earlier in the week but had come into their own by the end. Another highlight of the performance was seeing a full row in the audience of staff from St. Winifred's. I think they enjoyed it.

Sadly we can't fit Rhos into our schedule next year, but we are booked for 2012.

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