Thursday 24 June 2010

Renewal Evening #3

On Sunday 18th April we held the third in our series of Renewal Evenings jointly with Christ Church, Burney Lane. This time the speaker at the service was Heather Butler. Heather used to be in Roger and Mary's youth group, but has since moved away from Birmingham and lives in Anglesea with her family. She has a wonderful prophetic ministry, singing over people and praying for healing. She also has links with Israel and Palestine.

CMM provided a music group for the occasion - Roger, Annie, Helen, Tim, Paul and Ann Steer, as well as supplementing the Christ Church prayer team. It's always wonderful to play together with a big band which includes drums.

During the evening Heather spoke and shared a bit about her life. She also prophecied over the whole congregation - Roger and the musicians had a chord sequence going, and Heather simply walked from row to row and sang out what she felt God was saying. It was a wonderful experience.

After Heather had spoken and we'd spent some time in worship we had a wonderful long ministry time led by Peter Smith. God was moving really powerfully, and it was great so many had come back from previous renewal meetings.

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