Monday, 1 October 2007

A triple header...

What a fantastic day. My calculations suggest there were over 170 people taking part in the Inn Crowd in a day, including nearly 90 sopranos, 8 flutes and 3 trombones! The atmosphere felt really good, and the performance was incredibly joyful. I think Roger's newest musical was given a great launch, hopefully forward for lots more local productions around the country. The orchestra were wonderfully trained by Annie, and Paul did a fantastic job with the choir. Even the soloists behaved reasonably well, and Katie overcame feeling ill to produce two wonderful top C's. More photos to follow...

Then at lunch time, Roger and I slipped out to the Anglican convent in Alum Rock to lead the music at a special service commemorating Michael Whinney's 50 years as a priest and 25 years as a Bishop. He has been a great supporter of CMM over the years, and it was a real priviledge to be asked to play.

Following the performance of the Inn Crowd, I was whisked away to Kenilworth to lead a music workshop with 20 or so youth. They were a brilliant bunch, and very musical - a violin, a cello, a flute, a clarinet and some drums, not to mention numerous other instruments not played in favour of singing. After a bit of a ropy start, the workshop went well, and everything came together wonderfully in the end, thanks to God and a percussionist called Mike. The final performance in the Sunday morning service was something to be proud of.

Photo: Some of The Inn Crowd Soloists at the recording day: Simon, Helen, Katie and Devon

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