Wednesday 3 October 2007

Earn CMM some money!!!

Sorry that this is more of an advert than a blog post, but we've found an exciting way for people to give money for us for free. We're searching high and low for a catch, but we can't find one...

1. Go to the cmm homepage:

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page

3. Click on the easyfundraising banner

4. Register as a user

Whenever you do any online shopping, first go to the easyfundraising site, log on, and then follow the links to get to your desired shop, whether it's Amazon, Ebay, HMV, etc etc. Apparently they'll donate a small percentage of the money you spend to CMM.

5. Click on easysearch on the left hand side of the easyfundraising page

6. Follow the instructions

7. Make it your homepage or your default search engine, or both!

Whenever you search online for anything, easysearch will make a small donation to CMM from those who have sponsored links. The search engine is Yahoo, which is just as good as any other search engines.

Happy shopping and surfing!


D Baynham said...


Good to see you blogging!!! I will check regually


Sue M said...

This is the first blog I have ever done in my life.It is great to read the news about India.Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading everyone! I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible. Helen.