Wednesday 22 July 2015

Annie's road trip

A week after the music week in Grange-over-Sands, Roger, Helen and a team travelled to Penrith and Scotland for ten days.  While they were away Annie had a mini road-trip of her own, first leading 'Saints Alive in a day' at Bath Road Methodist, Swindon, on June 6th, and then 'David in a day' at Kempston East Methodist Circuit on June 13th.

Annie had quite a big team for her visit to Swindon, with the aim of performing the musical without a backing track.  She took with her Paul H (piano), Phil (vocals), Christine (flute and vocals), Peter (flute), Caroline (vocals), Lesley (violin) and Paul (French horn and vocals).  Having never worked together as a team before, everything came together excellently, along with a lovely local choir.

Annie wrote a letter of thanks to June, the organiser, and this was her response:

Dear Annie
I think I should be thanking you and the team who came with you. I'm very impressed that you remembered everyone's names. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and think Roger's music is wonderful.
May God bless you all.
Love June

She also had a message from Steve, June's son:

Hi Annie
Great to see you and be part of what happened - and the massive THANKS has to be for your generosity with your time and talent.  What you do on those days is marvellous; it wouldn't be enough to be a good musician or conductor or arranger, although you are all of those. It wouldn't even be enough to add to that superb skills handling a group of people. What about your energy, enthusiasm, positivity or sense of fun?! Or even the ability to communicate well with your planned epilogue. All of those are important. But you bring faith - real faith - witness, genuine spirituality, and grace. No-one could leave on Saturday evening without having learned a little more of God's Love. I know you'll say that comes through the words and music, through many people there, and through the prayer which covered the event - all of this is true - but to encourage you without making you proud ---- you are a channel of His peace. :-)

Then at Kempston Annie had a lovely day.  She didn't need to take a big team because they had some lovely local soloists there already.  So Jenny drove her and was a wonderful help, and then they were joined by Jenny and Eddie who live very close by.

Annie was delighted with the standard of the choir, who were all good music readers.  The Sunday School had made armour and weapons for Goliath, and even signs spelling the name 'David'.

She put this photo of the choir up on facebook:

Thanks to all those who invited CMM to come and spend a day with them.  And well done to Annie!

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