Friday 22 May 2015

Musical Man

Huge apologies for the lack of blog posts in recent months.  Helen has been swamped by her task of editing and formatting an exciting project ready for print.

For the last 6 years Graham Allan has been working hard, interviewing, researching and writing a biography of Roger, called 'Roger Jones - Musical Man'.  The finished product arrived in the CMM office this week and is available on the CMM Website, Amazon, and all good Christian bookshops.

The book contains 13 chapters:

Chapter 1: Before Birth

  • In this chapter Roger's father Harold is described in some detail, as well as the challenging circumstances surrounding Roger's birth.

Chapter 2: From Birth to Coming of Age

  • Roger's early years and schooling are explored here, as he grows up with his parents Harold and Winifred, as well as his grandmother Alice living at home.  

Chapter 3: Formative Christianity and Formative Training

  • Roger became a Christian at age 18, and encouraged by his friends, he becomes incredibly passionate about Jesus.  While at music college Roger learns more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 4: The Teacher

  • A chapter looking at Roger's time as a teacher at Aston Manor School

Chapter 5: The Family

  • Roger meets Mary, they marry and have four children

Chapter 6: Christian Activities

  • As Roger's teaching career begins to take off and his family grow, he and Mary develop links with the local Anglican Church, and the vicar Peter Lawrence.

Chapter 7: Christian Musicals for School

  • Roger writes his first four musicals for the Aston Manor School Choir.

Chapter 8: Christian Musicals for Adults

  • In response to a number of commissions and requests, Roger begins to write musicals for adults as well as children.

Chapter 9: Musical Passages to Foreign Venues

  • Throughout Roger's ministry there are many visits abroad.  Visits to France, Germany, Canada, India and beyond are discussed here, as well as the many choral house parties to Israel.

Chapter 10: The Music of Full Time Ministry

  • In 1984, encouraged by their support group, Roger and Mary decide to go full time in ministry.  God has been faithful for 30 years and counting in his provision.

Chapter 11: Development of the Ministry

  • CMM is not just a one-man-band.  There are many friends and supporters who have been instrumental over the years.

Chapter 12: Our Pete - We'll meet again in Glory

  • There are a number of difficult passages in Roger and Mary's story.  One of them is the death of their son, Pete.  This chapter tells his story.

Chapter 13: Evangelising the Present

  • This final chapter looks in more detail about Roger the man, along with his opinions and thoughts on many topics, as well as his hopes for the future.

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