Thursday 28 May 2015

While we have been away

A quick catch-up blog post, keeping you in touch with all that had been going on here at CMM over the last couple of months.

Way back in March we held a Worship Works weekend at Scargill House, near Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales.  Scargill House is in a stunning location, but that wasn't all that made the weekend spectacular - God blessed so many of the guests in new and exciting ways, gently leading each one deeper in their worship-relationship with him.  A particular highlight was sharing the morning service with the community on the Sunday.  Roger and the team used the theme of the tabernacle to shape the service, including thanks, praise and then coming into the Most Holy Place.  Once there, we took communion together led by one of the leaders of the community, Rev Phil Stone.

A busy month of CMM Choir productions of Angel Voices for Annie was completed with a visit to Keighley for From Pharaoh to Freedom in a day.  Organised by former CMM volunteer Denise and her father Maurice, Annie had in her team Andrew, Pam, Carol, Graham and Barrie.  The day wasn't brilliantly attended, but all who did come had a lovely time.  Our love and prayers are with Denise and Maurice as they continue to settle into life in the Keighley area.

In April Annie spent a day at Willersley Castle in Derbyshire.  Her role was to bring to conclusion a week of singing organised by Barbara Todd.  This has turned into a regular fixture in Annie's diary, and this time the musical chosen was Apostle.  Annie arrived on the Wednesday evening, and then rehearsed with the singers (who had already been trained by Janice) all Thursday ready for a performance in the evening.  Barbara's son sang the role of Saul excellently and the week culminated in a brilliant performance.
St Mary's Beverley

A few days later Roger, Helen, and Devon travelled to Hull where they were joined by Richard, Fran and Barrie for a hectic three days.  Many of the choir that had performed Apostle in July had gathered together once more, only this time joined by a number of new singers to perform at St Mary's Church in Beverley.  On the Monday evening Helen led the rehearsal at the church.  It is sometimes difficult to hold performances in historic many-pillared churches, but on this occasion as in past performances in Hull the team was ably assisted by Stuart on sound.  The choir also coped remarkably well with a small stage.
Devon and the Beverley Choir

On the Tuesday evening the team travelled to Bilton Grange Methodist Church in order to lead a special 'Annual Mission Rally' evening for the South Holderness Methodist Circuit.  It was a wonderful evening with Roger right on top form.  Then on Wednesday evening the Apostle performance was held in Beverley, with a large audience.  Helen and Roger shared the conducting, with Helen stepping down to sing with Fran for a couple of duets.  Devon was great as Saul as usual, and Richard complimented him well as Ananias.  Barrie once again took the role of the narrator, Barnabas, interacting with the choir and audience very well.
Wendy, Catherine and Annie

April came to a close with yet another performance of Apostle, this time in Westward Ho!  Annie took the lead in rehearsing and training the choir, and the rest of the team supported brilliantly: Catherine and Wendy were the disciples, Devon was Saul, Bob was Ananias and Bill was Barnabas.  The following morning Roger preached at th
e service at Appledore Baptist Church.  It is always so wonderful when CMM is able to travel to Westward Ho! and Appledore and minister there.
Bill as Barnabas

May update to come - watch this space!

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