Thursday 29 May 2014

22-23 March 2014 Worship Works in Rhyl

Caroline, Lydia and Tim all departed, leaving Roger, Amy, Helen and Keith to lead a Worship Works weekend just along the North Wales coast in Rhyl.  We were originally invited by Jaqui, who has regularly attended our Rhos on Sea weeks, and her church embraced the idea.  The minister, Paul and the organist, Gavin were incredibly welcoming, and even hosted the team!

The programme was very similar to the weekend in Bangor - Roger began with 'The Worship Seeker' and then Helen followed on with 'Praise and Sunday Morning.'  After lunch we didn't break up into two workshops, but instead Helen led a session on learning new material, utilising Seasons and Reasons, and then to finish off the day Roger took the group through the 'Creative and Prophetic' workshop.  One of the great things about the United Church in Rhyl is the number of musicians that are beginning to emerge.  A young boy, Kory, was present for the whole day, and played tenor horn for the improvisation workshop.  Paul the minister joined in on his cornet, and Ed played trumpet.

The following morning the team worked together with the minister, Paul, to lead the morning service based on the theme of tabernacle.  It was wonderful to work with the whole congregation, and there was a great atmosphere after the service.

Huge thanks to Paul and his family for hosting Roger, and Gavin and Fiona for looking after Helen and Amy so well.
Paul and family

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