Thursday 29 May 2014

17-21 March 2014 Jerusalem Joy week in Conwy

Beechwood Court
The first music week of 2014 was at a new venue - Beechwood Court, in Conwy, North Wales.  The musical which provided the focus for the week was Jerusalem Joy, and as this was the only music week of the year not taking the theme of Apostle, it proved to be very popular indeed.

Keith on drums
On Monday evening the CMM team of Roger, Helen, Caroline, Amy, Tim and Lydia led the guests in an introduction evening with some worship and a sing-through of the musical.  It was immediately clear that the choir was going to be really good.  The CMM team was also augmented by Keith from Rhos-on-Sea, who has regularly played drums at our St Winifred's music week.  His drumming added so much to the week.

Helen rehearsing the choir
One of the delights of Beechwood Court is the way the staff interact with the guests.  Each morning while the guests sat at the tables ready for breakfast, one of the management team would give a little thought for the day.  All of the staff came to watch the performance on Thursday night, which was great.

Sheila getting ready to play flute
On each of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings the day would begin with worship and then some Bible teaching from Roger.  On Tuesday the theme was God's purpose, looking at Palm Sunday, on Wednesday it was Passion, focusing on the cross, and then on Thursday the theme was Presence, taking the story of the road to Emmaus.

Barrie taking the roll of Jesus
As the music week was very short, the choir and band worked really hard.  There were rehearsals on Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  Jerusalem Joy does not contain a large amount of four part harmony, so the rehearsals focused on expression as well as just learning the notes.  The band accompanying the singers was superb - Roger on piano, Keith on drums, Tim on guitar, Lydia on cello and trumpet, Sheila on flute, and Amy on clarinet.

There were also a number of soloists from the choir, and they all were brilliant.  So good, Caroline and Amy weren't needed to fill in any parts!

St Andrew's Church in Conwy
On Wednesday evening there was a break from rehearsals for a special Worship Works / Seasons and Reasons evening.  Helen and Roger led the evening, teaching different hymns from Seasons and Reasons, and linking them to teaching from Worship Works.  There was a particularly exciting time at the end of the evening where everyone contributed to a time of improvising in worship, and many shared words from God.

The final performance on Thursday evening was superb.  St Andrews Methodist Church in Conwy hosted the group, and everything came together amazingly well.

One of our prayer warriors, Catherine, came to visit

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