Thursday 29 May 2014

12 April 2014 Two Sisters and a Funeral in Westward Ho!

Bob and Ann
In early April Roger, Devon, Yvette, and Ann travelled down to Westward Ho! in Devon for a special Two Sisters and a Funeral weekend.  They were met there by Bob Deakin, a regular CMM soloist who trained the choir specially for the occasion.  Ann took the part of Mary, Yvette was Martha, Devon was Lazarus and Bob played Jesus.

Devon in action
Bob had done a great job training the choir, and they all had a lot of fun together.  The evening performance was really special and powerful, with a good number in the audience.  There was one technical hitch where part way through 'Jesus comes riding into town' the backing track for 'O worship the King' kicked in.  Thankfully Roger was right next to the piano, and seamlessly took over!  Huge thanks to Bob and Nick and all of the team at Westward Ho! Baptist Church.

The following morning the team went to Bob's home church, Appledore Baptist Church, to take part in the service there.  Roger spoke on Jesus the resurrection and the life, and there was the best illustration of all to help him - a full immersion baptism.  It was a very special morning, where lots of words of knowledge were given and claimed, and a good number were prayed for.

Worship at Appledore Baptist
We praise God for the way that the musicals offer a wonderful opportunity for CMM to take part in local church life.

The traditional Appledore Ice Cream

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