Wednesday 16 April 2014

October 2013 A week in the Yorkshire Dales

October 2013 saw a team from CMM travelling to Scargill House, near Kettlewell once again.  Scargill is one of our favourite venues, and it is great to see it flourishing again.  The CMM team for this week consisted of Roger, Mary, Annie, Helen, Jaime and Amy, and we were delighted to have Jaime's mum Val as one of a great pastoral pairing.

The theme for the week was the musical Simeon, and Roger took three different themes for his morning talks: "For my eyes have seen", "Be born in us today" and "Glory to God".  The great thing about music weeks is the opportunities they give for good conversation and prayer ministry.  

Helen trained the choir, who were a little short of men, but they did admirably, and Annie looked after the orchestra - transforming an interesting array of instruments and abilities into something quite special.  The brave few who auditioned for solo roles were also brilliant, and every part was covered well.  It was good to have Caroline and Dave among the guests - Dave did a great job narrating the role of Simeon, and Caroline sang the tricky descant in 'Why should I be so favoured'.  We were also blessed to have Mark looking after all things technical - two years ago he was on percussion, but now he's training as a sound engineer.

The performance on the Friday evening was really special, and as November had just arrived, didn't feel too out of season!  Well done to everyone who took part, and thanks to Scargill for hosting us so wonderfully.

Mary leading the morning worship
Helen working with the choir
Annie with the orchestra

Lunch at Scargill

Worship before the final rehearsal

Some of the choir

Roger with the choir and orchestra

The orchestra

Roger in action with the choir

Mark working at the sound desk

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