Tuesday 22 April 2014

09 November 2013 Worship Works Launch Day

In November 2013 an incredibly important event occurred.  We published our first ever book!  Roger, Annie and Helen had been working hard all year writing and formatting the book, and others had been contributing with artwork and proofing.  Finally the book arrived at the office (just before the Scargill week) and on 9th November it was officially launched at St Andrew's Barnt Green with a day of workshops and worship.

A wonderfully large crowd gathered and were presented with their books, and we began the day with worship led by Annie and a small CMM band of Tim on drums, Jonathan and Michael on guitar, and Helen and Amy on woodwind and vocals.

Roger then took over and spoke about God the worship-seeker.  This talk comes from chapters 1 and 2 in Worship Works and focuses on how all worship is initiated by God seeking us out for relationship and transforms us from the inside out.

Helen then took up the baton and led a session about fitting music into our Sunday morning worship, particularly focusing on why we sing in church, and the advantages and theology behind the 'flow of praise'.

After lunch we divided into three workshops.  Roger led the 'Creative and prophetic worship' workshop, where he taught the group to improvise.  Helen led a group focusing planning and leading a block of praise, and Annie led a workshop about running a music group.

The final afternoon session took the theme of 'Enter his gates', using the Tabernacle as a template for how we worship God by coming through the gates with thanksgiving, entering into his courts with praise, and then coming into the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus.

Worship Works has been dedicated to our long-standing supporter and friend Barrie Renwick.  He was presented with the book at the music week at Scargill, but here's a photo specially composed for the book launch.

A massive thanks goes to all of our supporters who have helped us with this project over the years in many ways, and thanks also to those at Barnt Green and EBRG who helped with the practicalities of the day.
Barrie receiving his book

The bookstall getting busy (thanks Jonathan and Angie for stepping in!)

Helen leading plenary 2

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