Tuesday 15 April 2014

26 October 2013 Apostle in Jesmond

Annie and Helen continued their roundabout journey to Scargill by travelling all the way up to the Jesmond area of Newcastle for a special Apostle day.  Annie had been to Jesmond before, and was invited again by Alison Shiel, a wonderful lady who leads the music in that church.  Annie led the day, and Helen supported on piano and by singing the role of Ananias - there was already a brilliant singer who took the part of Paul, and an excellent narrator who was Barnabas.

The choir were excellent - there were some great singers in each part who held things together brilliantly.  One lady sadly had an epileptic fit during the rehearsal, but praise God there was a nurse in the choir who could look after her.

The performance itself went really well, with a lovely audience.  There were quite a few people in the audience with connections to CMM going back a number of years, and it was brilliant to chat to them.  One exciting part was that on the Thursday before, EBRG had prayed and listened to God for the day.  One of the words given was of an opal ring, and when Helen shared about it in the performance, it was claimed by a lady in the audience and she was prayed for.  Another member of the audience later shared that they had become a Christian at a CMM musical when a word of knowledge was shared - it is so important we all listen to God.

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