Tuesday 8 April 2014

28 September 2013 Worship Seminars in Hereford

St Barnabas' Hereford
Just over a month before the official launch of Worship Works, Annie and Roger had a wonderful opportunity to road test some of the material.  They travelled to St Barnabas' Church in Hereford, and were joined by a wonderful team consisting of Kathleen, Simon, Katie, Peter and Heather.  It was great to have Heather on the team playing violin.  She stood in at the last moment for another team member - it is such a priviledge when professional musicians join us, and Heather has been a wonderful supporter over the years.  It was also one of Peter's first events with CMM since we met him at Lee Abbey a couple of years ago and were impressed by his flute playing.

The day was organised by Bernard Morgan, who has organised events for CMM in the past at his former church.  The day consisted of two sessions in the afternoon - 'Praise and Sunday Morning' and 'Being a worshipper', and then a special evening celebration using the 'Ways to Praise' teaching format.

Thanks so much to Bernard for taking the risk and having us again.  We pray that the event was a blessing to the church in Hereford.

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