Tuesday 16 October 2012

Two Sisters in Doncaster

Last weekend Roger, Helen and Annie were at two separate venues.  Helen travelled to Doncaster to lead a 'Two Sisters and a Funeral' day on the Saturday.  The venue was Sprotbrough Methodist Church, and the group that had invited CMM was the Close 2 You choir, a choir that has long been involved with singing musicals, including hosting the national tours for Wildfire, Jail Break and Rock.

The day was great fun, but also tinged with sadness, as the choir had decided this was to be their final event together.  In time maybe God will lead them into something new, but for now it feels like the end of an era.

Helen's team consisted of Richard (Lazarus), Andrew (Jesus), Carolynn (Mary), Yvette (Martha) and Marilyn (Flute and a massive amount of help on piano).  There were also some soloists from the choir who did an amazing job, including Peter and Bob who played the priests.

The day was a long one, but the choir had already done some background work in listening to the CD over and over again for the last few months.  This made Helen's job a lot easier, as not too much note-bashing was needed.

After a lovely fish and chip supper, the performance was at 7.30pm to a good audience, despite the day clashing with several big Christian events in the area.  The musical was very well received, and was very moving in places - the soloists sang some powerful prophecies at the end of song 10, and then Helen spoke about God's resurrection power at work in all of us at the end of the performance.

The enormous tree outside Sprotbrough Methodist
It was a good day, and we pray that God will bless each member of Close 2 You and show them the way forward in the future.  Thanks to Keith, Margaret and Chris and all their other helpers.

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