Friday, 26 October 2012

Seasons and Reasons in Bramhall

While Helen was working hard with her team in Doncaster, Annie and Roger travelled to Bramhall Baptist Church to hold a Seasons and Reasons day.  Every couple of years Paul Barnsley invites us to his area to run a day in association with his organisation - Heart Notes.  It was lovely to be back again, and great to see the folk in the area we have got to know well.

Roger and Annie had with them a fairly inexperienced CMM team, but they did an amazing job.  Karen, Paul and Keith came over from Rhos on Sea - Karen and Paul sang in Wildfire and Two Sisters there in the last couple of years, and Keith has been our regular contact in the area, always drumming for our music weeks.  Also on the team was Carole, who we only met recently during our week at the Isle of Wight and Liz who travelled up from Birmingham with Roger and Annie to play flute.

Paul had also organised for some other instrumentalists to be present, including Bob on guitar who we have known for years, and Charles, a clarinettist who will be part of our choral houseparty to Israel next year along with his wife Julie who will sing the part of Zillah there.

It was a wonderful day - there were some fabulous singers, who picked up the music well, and Roger was able to teach a little bit about music in worship as well as the music itself.

The day concluded with a worship service incorporating a lot of the music from Seasons and Reasons.  This is only the second workshop day we have held using this resource, and we are really delighted with it.  May it continue to bless people!

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