Tuesday 30 October 2012

Two Sisters in Coventy

While Roger and Mary were away in Canada, Annie led a 'Two Sisters and a Funeral' event in Coventry.  The day was organised by Olive Holtom, who also organised the large Coventry production of the musical last year.  This time it was in her own church, Holyhead Road URC.  Olive thought it was sad that the choir learnt the music last year just to sing it once, so she wanted another opportunity.  The choir for this day were mostly made up of singers that knew the musical, although there were a few who were new to it.
After lunch Annie led the rehearsals, supported by Devon (Lazarus), Richard (Jesus) and Jonathan (baddies, backing track, team leader).  Fran from the CMM choir was there too, and she filled in various solos until Ann (Martha) and Helen (Mary) were able to be there later in the day.

The choir were brilliant - they knew it well or picked it up quickly.  Not counting CMM soloists there was 1 tenor and 1 bass - but they held their own amazingly, particularly in the male only songs 6 and 11.  

Before the performance the choir and CMM team shared a wonderful meal together, cooked by the church's catering team.

In the evening the performance was really well attended, including a number of people from the retirement complex next door to the church.  Devon sang a prophecy which was claimed afterwards, and Jonathan spoke really well at the end of the performance.

It was a wonderful occasion - many thanks to Olive and all her supporters.

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