Monday 26 March 2012

Report from Wolverhampton

Every now and again it is so nice to hear a report from a performance somewhere else.  Here's Roger from Wolverhampton:

Good morning, Roger,
Thank you for your March newsletter.
Just to let you know that we had 2 very successful performances of Apostle last weekend, with the Wolverhampton Circuiut Choir. People enjoyed the vibrancy and variety of the music, which came over in the performance. My own feeling is that it has the feel of the early days of charismatic renewal that began in the mainstream denominations in the 70's, and reflects the excitement of that time. We had an outstanding soloist, named David Corden.
I'm not sure yet what our next project will be, but in the 4 years since we began we have performed Rock, Mary Magdalene, and Apostle, as well as one or two other musicals by other writers. I might even have a go at writing one myself!
Thanks for all your work over the years, and your continuing faithfulness in using your God-given gifts to serve Him.
May God continue to bless you and your team.
Roger Hides (Rev)

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