Thursday 29 March 2012

Jerusalem Joy in Nottingham part 2!

Last weekend we had a very busy time for CMM with Helen and Annie leading days in different venues.  Helen found herself in Nottingham for the second time in two weeks for Jerusalem Joy.  This time the venue was Wollaton Road Methodist Church in Beeston, and was Helen's third visit in 3 years to the church.  Previous musicals were Jairus' Daughter and Greater than Gold, so Jerusalem Joy was a doddle in comparison.

Helen's amazing team for the day were Devon, fresh off a night shift from work so he slept through the rehearsals, Richard, Miriam, Marilyn and Kevin.

It was a brilliant day.  The choir were fabulous - all of them were clearly used to choral singing, and a lot of them had sung the musical 30 odd years ago.  There were even some first edition vocal scores hanging around!

The performance itself went very well - only the odd interesting moment when the men forgot to stand up or stood up where they shouldn't have!  There was a pretty decent audience, some of whom sang along too.  Many thanks to Paul and his team for making the event run so smoothly.

The following morning Helen returned to the church to preach.  It was the annual Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade parade service, and Helen talked about 'Sure and Steadfast' and anchoring our faith in Jesus.  There weren't many teenagers present as the clocks had changed, but there were plenty of younger children, who particularly seemed to enjoy the song 'Super Saviour'.  We pray that the young people and there parents will have heard and understood the gospel.

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