Thursday 29 March 2012

Annie in Donisthorpe

The other half of the busy weekend was spent by Annie leading a Two Sisters and a Funeral weekend in Donisthorpe, South Derbyshire.  She had been invited by Lomas and Joan from the CMM Choir, and this was an extension of her work with the CMM choir.  Lomas and Joan had invited people from the local churches to take part, and some of them had never before sung in a choir, let alone sung the musical before!

Annie used soloists from the CMM Choir - Pete as Lazarus, David as Jesus, Fran as Mary, Debbie as Martha and Peter as the Priests.  The choir rehearsed for most of Saturday, with Annie taking hardly any breaks as she led sectionals first with the ladies and then with the men, but she did an amazing job and the choir were really encouraged that this was something they could achieve together in future.

There were some other members of the CMM choir taking part too, and those key people really helped the choir to get through it.

Joan gave her testimony as part of the performance on the Sunday evening, which was really lovely. 

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