Friday, 30 March 2012

CMM Worldwide!

We've just had two emails come in - see what you think!

Dear Nicky:
Please thank Roger very much for kindly giving his permission freely to use his songs as part of our Palm Sunday Family Service.
As to Jerusalem Joy in China: Eileen and I were posted to Beijing, where we used the first three songs with the adult Choir to re-enact Palm Sunday in 1998 at the smaller (c. 200 congregation) of the two international English-speaking Protestant churches
Looking back, we have probably done this in most churches we have attended since the mid 1970s, once even with the readings in German in the Lutheran Church in Barcelona.
Of all the ways of celebrating Palm Sunday in word, song and action, this is still the best I know for adults and young people.
Yours in His service,Andrew

The second email was also exciting and came from Sujith in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India:

Dear Roger,
Thanks for your mail and great that you were able to take a sabbatical. I do hope that it was refreshing and a time of reflection.
I would like to inform you that the CMC students are doing Pharisee for their Easter Musical this year. The musical will be tomorrow. We are expecting around 800 people in the auditorium and possibly a few more! My colleague, Denise Fleming had bought some copies through the website. We will be remembering you and your team as we do the musical and we would like to thank you for the wonderful music and messages that you have brought out through Pharisee and all the other musicals.
I will try and send a few photos once its over
Hope all is well with you.
With great regards

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