Monday 26 March 2012

Renewal Evening

Last weekend we had another in our regular series of renewal evenings in partnership with Christ Church, Ward End.  During the weekend, Mark Marx from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, had been in Birmingham leading some teaching sessions for those involved in Healing on the Streets.  Peter Smith managed to bag him to come and speak at our renewal evening, and it was an immense privilege to have him.

A few years ago Mark decided to take a team from his church - Causeway Vineyard - out onto the streets to offer healing prayer to anyone who should want it.  From that very small beginning we have the phenomenon which is 'Healing on the Streets', which now can be found all over the country, and increasingly the world.  Go to to find out more.

The evening itself was really wonderful.  Annie led worship with her team of Helen, Amy, Dave and Pat, and we heard some great testimonies from the weekend, including one about a lady whose elbow moved 90 degrees around and her disfigurement was healed.

It was great towards the end of the evening to see so many people being prayed for.  One gentleman approached the worship group at the end of the evening to say that his high frequency hearing had been healed and for the first time he could hear ladies' singing!  Praise God.

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