Friday 18 November 2011

Renewal Day

Andy, Roger, Dan and Sarah
The Seasons and Reasons recording day wasn't the only event on a very busy weekend.  On the Sunday Rev Andy Alden and a team came up from St. Paul's Church in Weston-super-Mare to lead the next in our series of renewal evenings.  As they had travelled so far, we decided to make a day of it, so they were involved in the morning service, led an afternoon workshop, and then also took part in the evening celebration.

Andy and Roger
It was a wonderful day - Andy had some really interesting things to say about being a mission focused church, and how to really engage with your local community.  If anything in the community is good, it is a sign of God's Kingdom.  So we need to think about working in the areas that are filled with darkness and pain.

In the evening the theme was 'Rhythm in the heart of God' - about spending time in God's presence.  Revival comes when people want to be in God's presence.  Prayer should really be about us being with God in a focused way.

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