Friday 18 November 2011

Two Sisters at Rhos-on-Sea

In October Roger, Annie and Sarah travelled to Rhos-on-Sea in North Wales for a special Two Sisters event there.  We have often visited Rhos for holiday weeks at St. Winifred's Hotel, and it has been great over the years to build up a relationship with Keith Harrison at the nearby URC church.

Keith decided to step out in faith in organising the day, and it was a wonderful success.  He gathered together a huge choir and some wonderful soloists, who together created a wonderful sound and atmosphere.

There was also a really exciting moment where Roger felt led to pray for a lady who had a bit of a limp, and she left not limping any more - praise God!  Sometimes when we gather together to sing a musical it can feel just like a bit of a community gathering, but actually moments like this remind us that God is present and active, and the Holy Spirit has a big role to play in our lives.

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