Thursday, 20 October 2011

Recording time!

While Roger and team were in Cornwall, Annie got to work recording the backing vocals for the new album, Seasons and Reasons, which is due out in November.  The group consisted of Ann Steer, Katie Leaver and Miriam Dix on soprano, Annie Routley and Sarah Moreton on alto, Dave Tandy and Dave Roberton on tenor, and then Paul Edwards and Dave Roberton on bass (yes, Dave R did have to work hard!).  The group put down some fantastic vocals, including various bits of solo work, which was fantastic.

Then a few days later Roger returned with lots of soloists to put down the rest of the vocals.  On the first day soloists included Devon Brown, Helen Pollard, Ann Steer, Amy Carter, Fran Smith, Simon & Lou Gudger, Sheila Davies and Catherine Muggleton.  Then on the second day of recording there were some from the previous day, but also Kathleen Owen, Richard Ayres, Megan Catherwood, Rosie Elliot and Katie Leaver.  Bob Deakin also came and recorded on an earlier date.  And we also had a cameo singing role

Helen, Amy, Ann, Fran and Sheila

Devon and Katie


Richard and Roger

Kathleen and Rosie

Dave, Paul and Dave

Katie, Miriam, Ann, Sarah and Annie
The recording has been great fun, although there was a huge amount to be done.  Lots of the backing tracks are the same, but all 32 songs still require a lot of work as all of the vocals are completely different to before.  We look forward to hearing the results!

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