Thursday 3 November 2011

From Pharaoh to Freedom in Norwich

In late September Roger and Mary travelled to Norwich for the weekend.  They had a bit of a traumatic time getting there - they had to leave much later than planned and then the traffic was terrible.  But they made just in time for the soloists rehearsal on the Friday evening at Meadow Way Chapel.

Meadow Way has been a kind of home-from-home for Roger and Mary for a number of years, and they have some fantastic friends there.  The musical 'Two Sisters and a Funeral' was dedicated to them - but they didn't take the hint and insisted on doing 'From Pharaoh to Freedom' instead.

Not only did local people provide all of the soloists, but there were also loads of musicians and singers that Roger and Mary then worked with on the Saturday.

Roger was utterly delighted with the performance - despite being in a lot of pain with his shoulder on the Friday evening, Roger was back to his best the next day, and they had a wonderful time.

Roger and Mary also took part in the morning service at the chapel on the Sunday, and then they stayed on a few more days to relax afterwards - including the indispensable visit to the 'Patisserie' for breakfast!

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