Monday 17 October 2011

New mailing

Not long after our trip to Cornwall, we managed to send out the latest mailing.  Here's Roger's email version:

Hi Folks
This is our very important half-yearly mailing. Please do download these items as they contain much more information than I can include here.

There are two parts:
(1) Autumns 2011 NEWSLETTER: (in hi or lo-res)
hi-res (more pictures):
(2) STILL RUNNING THE RACE - explaing our vision and plans for the future, 2012-

SALLY gave birth to MOLLY CAROLYN on 09 Sep. She and KARL are very delighted (but very tired!), and we are all thrilled to have a new Grandaughter!
Two new CMM products are being published at the beginning of October:
FISHERMAN'S FRIEND - Alison Fuggle's poems and lyrics - these will thrill you, and make you laugh and cry!
SEASONS AND REASONS Music Book- a major project with Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith - 32 hymns, with his words and my tunes.

These will soon be available for order on the CMM Web Site:

We so value your support, whether it be financially, prayerfully or being actively involved in our events. Some of you do all three, and we are so grateful! Do have a good look at the STILL RUNNING THE RACE leaflet:
Bless you all!
Roger Jones

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