Thursday, 12 May 2011

Feedback from Canada

We've heard from a couple of the Vicars that we had contact with in Duncan on Vancouver Island:

Hi Roger! Good to hear from you.
I so enjoyed your company while you were here and it was great to have some company when I came home everyday. I hope the team is all doing well and that you will stay here again when you return. We have had a lot of rain this season which makes for gorgeous green lawns and fields. The wild flowers are everywhere so while it may be damp and cool the scenery is ripe with color and texture.

Things at the church [St. Peter's] continue... we do seem to be in a bit of a fluctuation. [Deborah goes on to say some more things here about the time of change they are going through - so do pray for her.]

On a happy note, someone in the parish has donated a $1000.00 for a portable keyboard so we can start having some services outside and in the graveyard and sing, sing, sing accompanied by a nice keyboard. I have applied and been accepted into a doctoral program that begins in June. I will doing a doctorate of Congregation Development.

Felix [the dog] is fat and happy.
Big hugs to all and yes, we will keep in touch.
Many blessings,

Good Morning Roger,
I have just received a copy of the letter Wayne Coombs sent to you re: the transfer of funds.  Now that all of the business related to your visit has been concluded, on behalf of the Parish Council of St. John's I want to express a special word of appreciation to you, as well as to Bill, Helen, Ann and Devon, for your uplifting and encouraging presence among us.  The parish and public response to the services you conducted here, the clergy meeting, the local choir preparations and the presentations of Rock went beyond our expectations, and have left a very pleasant glow.  We spent some time at our recent Parish Council meeting sharing personal observations and also comments that have been made to us by others, and without exception those comments were all very positive.
So from me personally and from all of us here at St. John's, thank you most sincerely.  We look forward to our next meeting.
Wishing you all of God's richest blessings,

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