Friday 3 June 2011

CMM Choir in action!

The CMM Choir held their first performance of Two Sisters and a Funeral at Harborne Baptist on 15th May.  Harborne Baptist is Sylvia Whalley's home church, and Sylvia trains the West Birmingham part of the CMM choir, so for this special occasion, Sylvia conducted the performance.

Annie reported:

Last night’s ‘Two Sisters’ production went really well. Paul and Kim [technicians] did a super job. Sylvia conducted well and mouthed all the words at us, which was really helpful. Alan spoke well – and Jonathan gave a word in song at the end of Song 10, which Alan picked up on. The soloists all did a very good job – Sue Walker, Linda Chappell (in apron, with duster), Alan Walker and Jonathan Chappell – and I was especially proud of David Newell who is playing the solo Priest and has worked really hard at learning his part. Harborne Baptist Church was packed. I sang alto, and played the organ for a rousing rendition of ‘To God be the Glory’ at the end. Alison Fuggle came, and Alan honoured her, so that she stood and was applauded. The minister gave us a warm welcome, and was round for the whole time during rehearsal and break, helping in practical ways. A very uplifting evening – thanks for your prayers.
Annie x

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