Thursday 14 April 2011

Rock on Vancouver Island 4

Devon and Mat
Ann with Sue and other choir members

Ann again!

Roger keeping everyone on track
The group that travelled to Cathedral Grove

3 of five of us stretched around a tree


The final Vancouver Island update.

Thanks so much for all your prayers.  I know that good weather for our day off seems like such a silly thing, but it meant a lot to us - we travelled up Island away from Duncan, and had cloudless skies almost all day.  To our amazement when we returned to Duncan we found that they had had terrible rain and hail.  We had a wonderful day off, visiting Qualicum, Coombs and then Cathedral Grove.  Four local folk came with us - Shirley, Sue, and then Wayne and Claire.  Qualicum and Coombs are both shopping touristy areas, but Cathedral Grove was really special - some ancient woodland with Cedars and Douglas Fir trees hundreds of years old, and incredibly huge.  Wayne used to be a forester, so he loved telling us all about it.  We then had a lovely dinner in on the way back and met with Dale the vicar and his wife. It was good to meet with them in a more social setting.

Today we took part in the morning service at St. John's in Duncan. This time we were just leading the music and Dale preached.  We used the new liturgy, and it went really well.  The congregation seemed much more united today than last week - last week it felt very much like the traditional service people were at the back looking grumpy, and the modern service people were at the front enjoying the worship. It felt like everyone was with us this morning, and really going for it in worship.

After the service we had lunch at Sarah's with quite a number of key people from St. John's.  It was also nice to eat a sensibly sized meal - just some soup and bread.  Later in the afternoon before heading out to the performance we finally managed to sit down for a meal with Deborah, the boys' host.  She had cooked the most enormous amount of ribs for us.

The performance this evening went really well indeed.  There were close to 400 there, so it felt really full.  The audience really loved it too, and stood and clapped along to most of the final song.  Bill really milked his part, getting some big laughs.  We also had some great conversations afterwards, and there was also some prayer ministry.  At least one of the words from Thursday's EBRG was claimed - actually thinking about it, there's been a few over the last few days - including a fresh fall of snow on a high part of the main highway when this is the time of year when it should only be on the mountains.

The after-show party at Shirley's was fun too, but now it is really late and we have to pack - we're being collected at 7am tomorrow by Shirley and Sue.  They will drive us down to Victoria and put us on a coach at 9am which will take us all the way to the airport via the ferry.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


As it happens, our flight home from Vancouver was cancelled due to a mechanical fault - and you don't really argue with that.  After a long discussion or two at the airport we managed to get free accommodation and food before getting a flight nearly 24 hours later.  We made it safely in the end though, and all our luggage too.

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