Monday 18 April 2011

Greater than Gold in a day - Beeston

On Saturday 9th April, Helen travelled to Wollaton Road Methodist Church, Beeston, Nottingham to lead a musical in a day.  Last year Helen, Richard, Felicity and Miriam had led Jairus' Daughter in a day at the same church, but this year the musical of choice was 'Greater than Gold'.  The reason for the choice was that 26 years ago Roger had come to the Albert Hall in Nottingham as part of the official church, and many members of this church had sung in the choir.  Loads of memories came back, which was useful for Helen as this musical is very tricky to teach in a day, but thankfully most of the choir knew it.

Helen had a big team for the day - Felicity led some dance, Paul played the father, Catherine the mother, Amy was Mary Jones, and Sarah and Miriam played their violin and clarinet respectively and sang various other solos.

Despite jet-lag from Helen, the day went really well.  In the afternoon Helen and Miriam's mum and dad arrived after synod, and so Chris was coerced into taking the narration role.  The choir really enjoyed this, as Chris is currently their minister although he is moving to South Wales in the summer.  His attempts at pronouncing the Welsh village name caused a great deal of hilarity.

Felicity had four girls in her dance group, and they worked really hard.  She taught them a dance to song 1, which is reprised at the end of the musical, and she also taught them a dance to song 4 - Tell me the stories of Jesus.  Felicity herself did two solo dances, including a beautiful ballet piece.  The dancing adds so much to the day.

The final performance went well, except for a slight problem with the sound system.  Thankfully the singers were able to overcome it, and the choir sounded amazing.

The following morning Helen came back to the church with Amy, and led the morning service.  It was a special morning service for the Boys and Girls Brigades.  The church was really full, and people seemed to really enjoy themselves.  Margaret on piano was joined by two wonderful guitarist.  The congregation were great sports and joined in well with the song 'Words are not enough' and also congregational 'Guess Who?'.

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