Thursday 14 April 2011

Rock on Vancouver Island 3

Lunch in Victoria

Sea Planes in Victoria

The CMM team with Shirley

Ann, Trish and Joline
Mat and Bill
Hi Everyone,

Probably the penultimate Vancouver Island update!

We had a good day off visiting Victoria on Wednesday, although the weather wasn't great.  It's been cold and wet pretty much the whole time we've been here sadly.  In the evening we had dinner with Shirley again, and this time she cooked us chicken curry, which is Roger's all time favourite - she'd even made us some chapattis!  

Yesterday was a very busy day - and the first day of sunshine and we had to be indoors...  First thing in the morning we went to Deborah's church, St Peter's for the morning communion service.  The liturgy we had practiced on Tuesday didn't entirely go to plan, but everyone there still found it incredibly uplifting.  It seemed to have a big impact on people - they are still talking about it now, and planning on using it in future.  It isn't necessarily the liturgy they want to take on, but the way music is woven into it.

After the service, we went over to St. John's to meet with the clergy.  Sadly this was only the anglican clergy, but it still was a good session - there were 6 of them, and Roger led the 'Ways to Praise' teaching, which focuses on psalms, hymns and songs.  The aim was to encourage them to include all of these things on worship, and not overemphasising one.  We had a wonderful comment afterwards from Dale, who is a bit of a traditionalist.  He said that he feels comfortable and happy with hymns, and has really struggled with songs over the years, but after Roger had spoken he began to understand their place in worship and it was a 'revelation' for him.

Finally at the end of the day we had our final rehearsal for Rock. This time we rehearsed at the Christian Reform Church which is the performance venue.  It took a while to get set up, but the rehearsal was excellent - particularly helped by Margie, their wonderful sound technician.  She enabled everything to run incredibly smoothly.

Then today we had some spare time, but it was pouring with rain all day.  Devon, Ann, Bill and I got very wet wandering round a forest looking for geocaches - Roger was very sensible staying in.  This evening we had the first performance of Rock, and it went really well.  I forgot one line, and Mat forgot a few more, but apart from that it
was good, and very well received - I think there were about 150 there.  We got a standing ovation at the end, and many of the people say they are coming again on Sunday and with friends.  The auditorium holds 450, so let's see!

We've got a day off tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get some good weather!


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