Thursday 24 February 2011

Your performances...

At Christmas we received a couple of reports about how well your own performances of Roger's musicals have gone around the country.

We received this from Mary Edwards:

Dear Roger
I contacted you a few weeks  ago and you very kindly gave me permission to perform your musical,"The Inn Crowd" at Linslade Methodist Church, Leighton Buzzard.  It took place on Wed evening, Dec 15th and quite a few of the older folk turned out in spite of the very cold night.  Quite a few of my choir were suffering from bad colds and coughs.

I gave the congregation  your greetings and they appreciated the performance very much.
Quite a number of folk told the choir and myself how much they had enjoyed the modern music and drama.
They said it was so easy to follow the story and understand the christian message.
Most of the folk that came were over 70!!

So thank you Roger for allowing me to share this lovely musical with the dear folk at Linslade.
May God Bless you and your team in the work that you do and long may it continue.

We also received this report from Danny White in Blyth:

Just a few lines to update you with the events over Christmas involving the music The Inn Crowd & Stargazers.
Our Central Methodist Church Choir and Friends performed The Inn Crowd in place of our normal evening service.  The lord did smile on us as the weekend we performed was clear of snow,(the first time for weeks) It proved to be well received ,which was particularly pleasing as it was dedicated to a recently deceased church member. A further comment from a widowed member of the church, that she found the message and music uplifting.
The Churches Together in Blyth were asked to sing at the Town Carol Service and we chose Just You from Stargazers which was very well received, uplifting and put us in the mood for O Come all ye Faithful immediately after.

Thanks so much for letting us know how things are going.  I've you've got a performance coming up, let us know the dates, and also send us a report!  It is always so encouraging to hear how God is using the music.

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