Friday 18 February 2011

An Evening with Devon

On Saturday 15th January a team from CMM travelled to the South Hill Centre in Hemel Hempstead.  We had been invited by Sarah Moreton, trainer of the Joyful Noise Choir (our regular Watford/Hemel area choir), to come and hold an Evening with Devon.

We last held one of these evenings about a year ago at Barnt Green Parish Church near Birmingham and used quite a big group of backing singers and instrumentalists.  This time the evening was quite different.  We had the wonderful added dimension of Sarah's choir for quite a few of the songs, which meant we did not need so many backing singers - in the end the team was just Devon, Roger, Trish, Paul, Sarah, Annie and Helen.

We included an interval for the first time, and either side of the interval we had choir performances.  Before the interval we had a performance from the choir local to the venue called Urban Choir.  They are a gospel-style choir run by Christians for any singers at all - Christian or otherwise. After the interval Joyful Noise sang 'Like Eagles' and 'Love can build a bridge' with Sarah and Christine as soloists.

It was fantastic having the choirs there, particularly when Joyful Noise were able to join in with some of Devon's solo items.  Devon shared quite a bit of his story, and the audience were really blessed by the evening.  It was also wonderful to see that Urban Choir stayed to watch the whole of the second half - even those that aren't Christians.  It was a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel.

Thanks so much Sarah for inviting us, and well done Devon once again!

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