Friday, 18 February 2011

Rehearsal time

As may have been mentioned before on the blog, CMM are beginning to work a bit differently when it comes to teams and musicals.  In the past when a new musical is launched, a team of soloists, understudies, dancers and instrumentalists rehearse over 6 or 7 months ready for the premiere and 50 or so tour dates.

With Two Sisters and a Funeral, the emphasis will be different - there won't be dance (at all venues) or full-costumed drama - instead we will hold a 'concert version' with choir, narration and soloists.  This gives us scope to use lots of different soloists and give plenty of people chance to perform.

On Tuesday 11th January we had a gathering of quite a few of our regular soloists - about 20 of us met and sang through the musical together.  Roger also shared a bit of his vision for the musical, which was great to hear.

At the same time in the same building, the CMM choir were meeting for the first time since Christmas.  It was just a little social gathering, but a lovely opportunity for Annie to meet with the group as their new conductor.  They shared food and fellowship together, and then half way through the evening the Two Sisters soloists came and joined them and sang 'O the deep deep love of Jesus' - with a planned spontaneous happening at the end!

It is always lovely to meet with the CMM choir and give them a preview of what is to come - they are wonderful supporters.

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