Thursday 24 February 2011

Holy Spirit Workshops

The day after the evening with Devon in Hemel Hempstead, the CMM team travelled the very short distance up the road to Watford, to the Church of the Nazarene.  The church had decided to have their away weekend at home, and invited CMM to come and lead the morning service and also a couple of Holy Spirit workshops.

It is always a challenge to travel to churches that are unfamiliar, as it is very difficult to know what people are used to regarding Sunday morning worship, and also how far to introduce anything new.  The congregation at the Church of the Nazarene seemed to take everything in their stride, and were very welcoming and open.  Roger spoke about the 'More Than' God, and Helen led worship.  Annie and Roger did a bit of a 'name that tune' session as part of the service too, which was great.

After the service we were served up some absolutely amazing home made soup and cakes, which set us up nicely for the afternoon.  Annie led a workshop called 'Never too old to serve', which was about ministering to one another in the power of the Holy Spirit, and Helen led a receiving the Holy Spirit workshop.  Interestingly, Helen ended up with most of the church leadership in her workshop - perhaps they just wanted to sit in God's presence and just receive for a while and let the rest of the congregation do the work!

After the workshops we gathered together for one last short plenary session.   One lady shared something incredibly interesting.  During the morning service she had had a song going around in her head - a very old song that she hadn't thought of for years.  At the end of the service, Annie had deeply felt that she should play this particular song, even though she hadn't played it for years.  Amazing how in something very small like that, God can meet with us all as individuals and show us how much he loves us and cares for us.

Thanks so much to Eva for sticking her neck out and inviting us.  It was fantastic to be able to hold a day focusing on the Holy Spirit.

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