Friday, 25 February 2011

Apostle in a day, Harborne

On Saturday 22nd January, Annie led 'Apostle in a Day' for the churches together in Harborne, Birmingham.  It isn't often we are asked to lead something so close to home - Annie could have walked there!  The church was St. Faith and St. Lawrence, one of several large Anglican churches in the Harborne area, as well as lots of other denominations.  Annie spoke at a churches together in Harborne event last year, and the invitation for a musical in a day followed on from that.

Annie had with her on team Jonathan and Amy - Jonathan taking the part of Paul, and Amy filling in a variety of other things including Ananias.

Annie says that the day was absolutely wonderful.  There were over 40 in the choir with quite a few in the audience in the evening.  Even the vicar, Priscilla, took part.  A musical in a day is a brilliant way to celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, as it can bring so many different denominations together.

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