Friday 25 February 2011

Simeon in a Day

On Saturday 29th January, Annie continued in her series of musicals-in-a-day with Simeon at Droitwich Methodist Church Centre.  Annie had a wonderful team for the day, comprising of Paul Edwards, Kathleen Owen, Caroline Finney and Beresford King-Smith.  It was great that Beresford could be involved as he plays Simeon on the original recording, and wrote the narrative links between the songs.

Annie says that it was an incredible day - a huge choir of 60 or so, and some fantastic singers among them.  There were also a lot of instrumentalists, which meant that the final performance could be live, and the backing track could stay in its case.

Jenny Bulman contacted Annie afterwards with some pictures and a note:

Let me just say again a very big thank you for such an uplifitng and enjoyable day on Saturday. Several people have said how they felt blessed by the whole experience and would love you to come again.  I have just about stopped spinning round now and can enjoy it calmly in retrospect and am looking forward to playing the CD of 2 sisters.

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