Wednesday 3 November 2010

Renewal Evening - Jonathan Conrathe

On Sunday 19th September, we held another of our Renewal Evenings - evenings where we collaborate with Christ Church, Ward End, in order to bring people into God's presence where they can learn about his love, and how his Spirit can impact our lives.

Roger led the worship with Annie, Martin Fisher, Alan Smith, Amy Carter and Katie Leaver as the music group for the event. Peter Smith led the ministry team, and also took over proceedings once Jonathan had finished speaking.

Jonathan is an excellent speaker from Mission 24 based in Wellington, Shropshire. His organisation run missions across the world and training for mission weekends in the UK.

We are really excited about the way these renewal evenings are growing, as they seem to be meeting a real hunger in East Birmingham, bringing CMM right back to its roots in terms of inviting the Spirit to come in local churches. The ministry time was particularly wonderful, with so many members of the congregation blessed by God's Holy Spirit.

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