Wednesday 3 November 2010

Two Sisters - the recording begins!

Chris King, Annie and Tim have been working really hard on backing tracks for the new musical all year, and in September we finally got to the stage where we were able to add some live recording to the tracks.

The first thing to go down was the backing vocals. For every recording Annie hand-picks and trains a close harmony group for the CD. CMM is honoured to have some wonderful singers to work with, and it is always hard for Annie to decide who would be best for the group. This time we had Katie Leaver and Helen on soprano, Annie and Catherine Muggleton on alto, with Amy Walters recording a mixture of both parts. On bass we had Simon Gudger and Paul Edwards, and Dave Tandy and Dave Morris on tenor, with Dave Roberton recording both parts.

On the finished CD the group will provide most of the choir sound, forming the basis for any solo work to go on top, and the congregational sound to be added later. It can be incredibly hard to get the congregational sound to be in tune and in time, so the work of the backing vocals group is essential.

It was a fun couple of evenings, and the group did a wonderful job - completing all they had been asked to sing and a little bit more, providing a great basis for Roger to go into the studio the next week and record the soloists.

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