Tuesday 13 July 2010

Roger and Mary in Austria and Italy

For the last week Roger and Mary have been ministering with Living Sun holidays in Austria and Italy. They were responsible for a party of 48, which involved looking after their practical needs (lost baggage, blocked sinks etc) as well as their spiritual ones. So this meant Roger and Mary had to lead various meetings with teaching and worship too.

The trip began with a couple of days in Kirchberg where they were surrounded by beautiful mountains. Roger was overjoyed because he managed to find a wireless internet hotspot to use...

Then the group moved on to Oberammergau for two days - the first day getting settled in and then the second day watching the famous 10-yearly passion play. The play lasted over 5 hours with a break for dinner in the middle, and involved the whole town. Roger and Mary's favourite part was the opening scene with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Apparently there were hundreds on stage (animals too) and the cries of hosanna were incredible. The Living Sun group had seats on the fifth row back, so they were right in the midst of the action. They also said that the crucifixion scene was very graphic and powerful, but that they could have done with a bit more importance put on the resurrection.

The last five days were in Mals in Northern Italy. This was the time when Mary and Roger could really get down to work - the guests were settled in the hotel, there was an excellent conference suite with projector and keyboards, which meant that there could be lots of worship, teaching and ministry time in the evenings.

Sadly on the final morning one of the party, Mary Rumble, died in her sleep. She had been a wonderful part of the party, and it was a big shock for the whole group. Our prayers are with her family and friends at this time.

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