Monday 12 July 2010

The CMM choir

For the last month or so, the CMM choir has been busy performing Jail Break right across the West Midlands. The choir originally performed it at the premiere weekend back in October 2005, but have not performed it since, so it was great for them to be able to re-learn it and bring it to a wider audience in the Birmingham area.

The dates of their performances were:
15th May - St. Thomas' Aldridge
30th May - The Link, Water Orton
13th June - St. Francis' Bournville
20th June - West Bromwich Baptist Church
3rd July - Far Forest, near Kidderminster

The performances were excellent - the choir blends brilliantly together, which is impressive because they rehearse in two separate locations every week. The soloists were really good, with Alan Walker reprising his Quintus role for several of the performances.

I think most of the choir would agree that the final performance in Far Forest was the highlight - the hall was completely packed out, as it was a special anniversary for the church. So while it was a very long journey for many of the choir members, it was worth it.

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