Monday 12 July 2010

Jairus' Daughter in two locations

For the last couple of weekends Annie has been working hard leading two separate Jairus' Daughter in a day events. On Saturday 26th June she was in Knaphill, Surrey with her team for the occasion:

Amy Carter (clarinet and girl)
Ann Steer (woman)
Steve Brown (Jesus)

And two local soloists took the part of Jairus and the girl's friend. Jairus was played by Ian, the local church musical director, and the girl's friend was played wonderfully by Juilet. It was great having Steve Brown on board, as he has been involved with CMM events in Worthing for the last few years, and it was good to have him as a soloist for the first time. Amy worked really hard with a couple of young beginner instrumentalists - on trombone and trumpet, who had a fantastic day, although Amy says she found it quite hard to help them play their parts when she was supposed to be pretending to be dead on the stage...
And then on Saturday 3rd July, Annie travelled to Arddleen on the Welsh border. She had a slightly different team this time:

Ann Steer (woman) - she knew it well by this point!
Rachel MacLaren (Girl)
Simon Cooper (Jesus)
Barrie Renwick (Jairus)
Laura Cooper (bookstall and lots of other incredibly helpful things)
Ann Dackevych had organised the day, and she sent a wonderful email to Annie afterwards:
"Once again, thank you for a lovely day. It was a day full of blessing and fellowship that left us wanting more... Lovely to see you again and, as usual, you always bring delightful people with you. "
Jairus is such a fantastic musical to do in a day. There isn't too much difficult part singing, but a lot of the songs are wonderful and great fun. And above all, the gospel message of Jesus' love and healing comes through really strongly.

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